4×4 Off-road Site On Wheels

Communication support vehicle

Purposes: Telecom Support
Capacity: 20 meter mast

This heavy-duty 4×4 off-road Site On Wheels is equipped with a 20 meter telescopic erectable mast

This unit has been specially developed for use:

  • over long periods of time in tropical and sandy/ desert environments
  • iIt is a stand-alone unit and
  • comes fully equipped with a heavy-duty generator
  • air conditioning system and
  • 1.8m full automatic deployable VSAT system


  • lightweight construction mast
  • quick to erect in less then 45 minutes
  • no extra equipment required
  • resistant to extreme wind forces
  • mast heights from 20m up to 30m

Wheel drive trailer basis

  • 2-wheel
  • 4-wheel
  • 6-wheel

C. van Gemert