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Gemco mobile safety mobile telescopic mast systems cater to airport operations, providing durability and accuracy for various applications. From measuring vehicle deployments to calibrating landing systems, our solutions ensure reliability and safety in airport environments.


Frequently the ILS (Instrument Landing System) from an Airport must be re-calibrated for accurate and safe landing of airplanes. Conventional methods prove time-consuming and lack precision. Seeking a reliable solution, they require a telescopic mast system that can swiftly deploy on a measuring vehicle to provide exceptionally accurate height measurements, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of landing systems.

The Gemco Answer

Gemco offers a tailored solution for airport runway maintenance, featuring telescopic mast systems with capacities ranging from 20m to 30m. These versatile vehicles provide critical communication and C4ISTAR support in severe conditions, boasting fully self-supporting capabilities, onboard generators, electrical systems, distribution boards, automatic transfer switches, surge arrestors, battery systems, and satellite connectivity. With lightweight construction and quick deployment in under 45 minutes, Gemco’s solution ensures precise height measurements without additional equipment, resilient against extreme wind forces for reliable operation in airport environment


“Groundbreaking technology and unique designs”

A beacon of reliability, offering swift deployment and exceptional accuracy in airport environments.

boundaries of the conventional”

It’s refreshing to see how they break the boundaries of conventional thinking and add a new dimension to mobility

Why work
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GEMCO Mobile Safety is entirely dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of special vehicles and shelters, with an emphasis on “special”.

The main areas of activity are Military, Railways, Telecom, Airports, and Civil Defense. The extensive know-how and many years of experience in special-built vehicles allow the company to provide continuously improved and innovative solutions.


All GEMCO Products are dedicated, made-to-order designs for a range of specific application areas, including defence and security. A large number of GEMCO special built vehicles and support units are already being deployed in various parts of the world by GO’s, NGO’s and Military departments, for civil, defense, national security, police as well as forensic investigation operations.

  • Endless customization
  • Family owned company
  • Concept to reality
  • One-stop-shop
  • Rapid deployment
  • Mobile transport ready
  • Worldwide experience
  • Reliable Maintenance Services
  • European made
  • Developed in Brainport region

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At GEMCO, we understand the inherent uniqueness of each scenario. It is our commitment to adapt our products to accommodate your distinct requirements and specifications.

Share your complex scenarios with us, and let’s embark on a journey together to develop innovative products that exceed your special needs.