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Explore a diverse range of case studies from Gemco, showcasing our special needs and specifications. From telecommunications support in remote military outposts to disaster response vehicles for crisis management, each case study demonstrates our commitment to providing tailored solutions to meet unique challenges.

Departments of Defence or Military operations contribute to freedom, security and the well-being of a country. It takes professional and well-trained staff as well as well-made material to perform their tasks. They conduct combat operations and peace missions, provide humanitarian aid and lend support during disasters often under the most extreme circumstances.

GEMCO has manufactured and supplied various products for defence/military special operations, both nationally and internationally, ranging from UAV control units and military critical communication support vehicles to mobile mission control centers and command posts for or as part of combat management systems.

  • Case: Extreme stable unguyed mobile mast

    We were challenged to develop and build an extreme stable unguyed mobile mast with a height of 45m. For use in harsh densely wooded forest environments in Northern Europe. The mast must be able to carry a minimum top load of 200 kg, it must operate in a temperature range of -40°C to +45°C, provide stability of max. 2° @ wind load of 30 m/s, and it must be climbable as well.

    • Client:Military Northern Europe
    • Year:2019