GEMCO has developed several of these types of mast vehicles for various communications applications. Mast vehicles to support military communications networks as well as security agencies (tetra) and commercial telecom network operators. The telescope masts are also a product of our own design, development and production.

The masts are made in heights ranging from 20 to 45 meters, in versions with and without guy wires. The many years of experience have made it possible for our organization to develop a high-quality product for the specific applications of this customer.

Inventive Responses
for Unwanted Scenarios

Since its establishment, GEMCO has been supplying special equipment to both national as well as foreign ministries of defense.

Defense stands for peace and security,. Military Units and National Security Organizations contribute to stability and freedom in the world. Ministries of Defense work on the country’s security and prosperity, on the protection of people and areas. This requires a lot of different equipment. All Military or Defense dedicated products are made-to-order designs for a range of specific application areas. We ensure that military personnel can work with modern, robust and safe equipment.

GEMCO custom built military vehicles, shelters and support units are already being deployed in various parts of the world by Military departments, for defense and national security purposes. The fully self-supporting C4ISTAR- and wireless communication support vehicles and systems are applicable under all circumstances when tactical and/or critical communication or critical mission support is required.


  • 45m Telescopic Tower Vehicle
  • Tactical IT/Communication
  • Military MissionCritical Networks
  • Un-guyed RobustEasy to deploy


  • 45M un-guyed tower
  • Fully self supporting
  • Quick to erect
  • Easy to operate
  • All terrain
  • Extreme weather conditions

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At GEMCO, we understand the inherent uniqueness of each scenario. It is our commitment to adapt our products to accommodate your distinct requirements and specifications.

Share your complex scenarios with us, and let’s embark on a journey together to develop innovative products that exceed your special needs.