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With an emphasis
on special

GEMCO Mobile Safety is entirely dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of special vehicles and shelters, with an emphasis on “special”.

The main areas of activity are Military, Railways, Telecom, Airports & Civil Defense. The extensive know-how and many years of experience in special-built vehicles allow the company to provide continuously improved and innovative solutions.


Core values

Groundbreaking Mobility Solutions

Discover how GEMCO offers groundbreaking mobility solutions to keep you moving forward.

Elevating Safety Standards

At GEMCO, we are committed to elevating safety standards, ensuring your peace of mind.

Mastering Tailored Mobility

We excel in mastering tailored mobility solutions to meet your unique needs.

Creating Critical Solutions

GEMCO is dedicated to creating critical solutions that help you overcome challenges.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Our focus is on optimizing operational efficiency through innovative mobility solutions.

Case Studies

“Groundbreaking technology and unique designs”

The innovative vision of GEMCO in vehicle design is truly inspiring.

boundaries of the conventional”

Our teams are inspired to break the boundaries of conventional thinking and add a new dimension to mobility

The Objective: Design, Develop, Manufacture and Assemble an ultra-high unguyed mobile telescopic 45m mast for installation, tilting and erection on a truck chassis.