with an emphasis on special

GEMCO Mobile Safety is entirely dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of special vehicles and shelters, with an emphasis on “special”.

The main areas of activity are Telecom Support, HAZMAT, Command & Control, and Mobile Workshops & Laboratories. The extensive know-how and many years of experience in custom-built vehicles allow the company to provide continuously improved and innovative solutions.


All GEMCO Products are dedicated, made-to-order designs for a range of specific application areas, including defence and security. A large number of GEMCO custom built vehicles and support units are already being deployed in various parts of the world by GO’s, NGO’s and Military departments, for civil, defense, national security, police as well as forensic investigation operations.

The fully self-supporting C4ISTAR- and Telecom support vehicles and systems, Hazmat, Command & Control vehicles and Mobile Labs and Workshops are applicable under all circumstances when tactical and/or critical communication or critical mission support is required.

telecom support hazmat command & control mobile workshops parts & service

Telecom support

Telecom Support Vehicles, “Site on Wheels” or “C4ISTAR” and Network Centric Operations’ support units are specially designed vehicles or trailer based units that serve as temporary boost up for wireless networks or for critical communication purposes. The client specific units are fully self-supporting, very manoeuvrable, quick to erect and easy to operate. Application range:

  • C4ISTAR support
  • Military – Civil Defense
  • Airports
  • Extension network capacity
  • Mission Critical communication / Tactical communication


Within this product range, GEMCO designs and builds CBRNe decontamination units with capacities that range from 30 to > 80 persons/hr. This decontamination container system is specially designed, with (military) specialists, for hazardous material disasters and when rapid response intervention is required or for urgent mass decontamination in the case of epidemics, terror attacks etc. The system can be deployed in less than 30 minutes by only 2 persons. Application range:

  • Civil Defense – Safety
  • Military
  • National Security
  • Medical & Field Support

Command & control

The temporary mobile Command Vehicles, Mission Control Centers, Combat Management Support Systems, Shelter and Personnel Care systems are all designed for quick deployment on any terrain and under extreme weather conditions. Each GEMCO vehicle and/or trailer based unit is customized and configured to user and mission requirements. Application areas:

  • Military
  • Civil Defense
  • Police
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Rapid Response

Mobile workshops

GEMCO special vehicles include customer specified Mobile Workshops and Mobile Laboratories for immediate employment by mission support teams. The medium and large size vehicles are suited for severe conditions and ready to use when rapid mission support is required.

  • Humanitarian Missions
  • Remote Repair and Assistance
  • Mission Support
  • Forensic

Parts & Service

GEMCO focuses on the development, design and construction of special vehicles shelters and container systems for special intervention services. The GEMCO support vehicles and systems are often designed for critical situations, missions and assignments where the reliability of the material is just as crucial as the nature of the mission. As a full service provider GEMCO also offers special parts,  service parts, and maintenance services for the full range of delivered products.

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