GEMCO Telescopic Mast Vehicles and -Trailers, “Site on Wheels”, are specially designed vehicles or trailer-based units that serve as temporary boost up for wireless networks and critical communication

purposes or “Network Centric Operations” support. The client specific units are fully self-supporting, very maneuverable, quick to erect and easy to operate.

Inventive Responses
for Unwanted Scenarios

The telecom support vehicles and trailers, are the optimum solution in many different circumstances when and where wireless network support is required.

This may be when maintenance work is being carried out on fixed masts, when disasters or accidents disrupt normal service, for providing network availability in remote areas or when (tens of) thousands of extra users are in one area, for example at music festivals or major sports events. The vehicle or trailer based unit consists of a torsion resistant superstructure that is divided into two

main sections: the generator section and the network equipment section. The unit is fully self-supporting and can be equipped with extra large capacity fuel tanks that will enable the generator to work for several days. The GEMCO designed and -built mast can reach heights up 30m. Many options available please ask for details.


  • 20-30M Telescopic Mast Trailer
  • Telecom Network Support
  • Commercial/TETRA back-up
  • Self-supporting quick to deploy


  • Lightweight construction mast
  • Quick to erect in less then 45 minutes
  • No extra equipment required
  • Resistant to extreme wind forces
  • Mast heights from 20m up to 30m
  • High grade aluminium telescopic antenna mast
Mobile Mast

Special needs or specifications? Contact us.

At GEMCO, we understand the inherent uniqueness of each scenario. It is our commitment to adapt our products to accommodate your distinct requirements and specifications.

Share your complex scenarios with us, and let’s embark on a journey together to develop innovative products that exceed your special needs.