GEMCO was asked to develop a new and special measuring vehicle. The Telematics & Diagnostics department of a large EU railway company employs this vehicle to measure and test the quality of the GSM-R system along the railway tracks. A properly functioning wireless communication system between train driver and traffic control is important for efficient, smooth, but above all safe rail traffic.

Therefore, tests and measurements regarding the optimal functioning of the system must be able to take place at various locations along the track. To meet this requirement, a heavy off-road vehicle was chosen that is suitable for driving through meadows and other difficult terrain.

Inventive Responses
for Unwanted Scenarios

The vehicle is equipped with a 30m high aluminum telescopic mast, in which various antennas are placed for transmitting and receiving.

In addition, this vehicle can also be deployed in the event of emergencies along the track, providing vital communication capabilities in hard-to-reach areas where rapid communication is crucial. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with a backup generator, air conditioner, LED lighting, radio equipment, and a large battery pack.

This comprehensive setup enables the system to operate independently (self-supporting) and entirely emission-free under normal circumstances. GEMCO remains committed to delivering products with the smallest possible ecological footprint, ensuring sustainability alongside functionality.


  • 30MTelescopic Mast Vehicle
  • Measure and TestGSM-R
  • Telematics & DiagnosticsDept
  • Self SupportingZero Emission


  • Small footprint
  • Quick to erect
  • All terrain

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