The world of aviation is constantly evolving, and air traffic control plays a crucial role within it. From ensuring the safe and responsible use of our airspace and airports to making aviation more sustainable and future-proof, air traffic control is vital.

The Measuring Mast is one of the tools that Air Traffic Control (LVNL in the Netherlands) has at its disposal to record the performance of a ‘Glide Path’. The glide path part of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) and provides the aircraft with elevation information during a landing.

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The Measuring Mast is used to carry out measurements on runways. The time required to carry out measurements is often seen as an operational nuisance. Minimizing this nuisance is essential, necessitating a high degree of operational reliability from the Measuring Mast.

Furthermore, achieving accurate measurement results with the Measuring Mast necessitates a high degree of rigidity. Precision and close cooperation are essential for ensuring optimal safety in air traffic control operations. In collaboration with our customers, GEMCO has developed a specialized measuring mast trailer.

This innovative solution empowers air traffic control technicians to conduct their highly precise work seamlessly, even in challenging or exceptional circumstances. With this cutting-edge equipment, we ensure that critical measurements can be performed reliably and efficiently, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of air traffic management.


  • Telescopic MastTrailer Airports
  • CalibratingLanding Systems
  • Runways LandingMeasuring
  • Robust ConstructionEasy to erect


  • Quick Set-up and clearance time
  • Automatic Set-up
  • Wind and weather resistant, to withstand on-site most extreme circumstances)

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