Decontamination Units 60 pph

Decontamination unit 60 pph

Purposes: Decontamination
Capacity: 60 People Per Hour

This decontamination unit is a fully self supporting “wash street” for people that have been exposed to dangerous biological or chemical substances

It is fitted out with:

  • all of necessary equipment and
  • materials needed during this type of emergency
  • The system is extremely effective and
  • very time efficient, time is crucial in this type of situation
  • this innovative unit has developed in cooperation with
  • (military) specialists in treating the casualties of chemical warfare

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  • lightweight construction mast
  • quick to erect in less then 45 minutes
  • no extra equipment required
  • resistant to extreme wind forces
  • mast heights from 20m up to 30m

Wheel drive trailer basis

  • 2-wheel
  • 4-wheel
  • 6-wheel

C. van Gemert