GEMCO is known for its continuous pursuit of product improvement and innovation. When we were asked to develop a very special mobile CBRN decontamination unit for, and in collaboration with, the client “National Police Services Agency,” we did not turn a blind eye to that challenge either. Above all, the units had to be compact, fast, and very easy to deploy, yet meet all the requirements imposed on a CBRN DECON Unit.

When thinking about Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) substances, people often immediately associate them with major (terror) events, but CBRN incidents are unfortunately much more common. Wherever dangerous substances are used and processed, both legally and illegally, investigations may be necessary, or emergencies may occur, leading to dangerous situations.

Inventive Responses
for Unwanted Scenarios

The decontamination units serve the purpose of disinfection by effectively eliminating contaminants and hazardous substances from various surfaces and environments.

Units are deployed to support the special services “National Facility Support for Dismantling” (LFO) and the National Forensic Investigation Team (LTFO), primarily in the dismantling of (former) production sites for synthetic drugs and/or the disposal of chemicals and/or waste materials associated with the production of (synthetic) drugs.

But also when carrying out forensic investigations at crime scenes where there is a risk to the investigators and/or the environment of chemical, biological, radiological, and/or nuclear contamination (LTFO). These special interventions are carried out by personnel in Hazmat suits.


  • Product:Decontamination Unit
  • Purpose:CBRN incidents/threats
  • Capicity:12PPH
  • Rapid ResponseHigh Readiness


  • Rapid Response Unit
  • High readiness, quickly deployable,
  • Small footprint
  • Extendable shower/rinse cabin for men and equipment
  • Completely Self-Supporting
  • Only requires a source/supply of clean water
  • Color zones to enable safe operations

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