DECON Monitoring

DECON control units are deployed in obvious situations where decontamination of people, objects or materials has occurred as a result of exposure to hazardous substances.

However, additional supporting equipment is required to determine the type, extent, and area of the contamination. For this purpose, GEMCO has developed several mobile on-site monitoring units to enable the designated services to act appropriately and accurately.

Inventive Responses for
Unwanted Scenarios

The Decon Monitoring unit is an example of “a special” make for very specific purposes.

This unit is a fully equipped mobile lab to carry out measurements and research in areas where possible contamination with harmful substances in the physical environment may have occurred.

The investigations and thorough measurements that can be carried out on site make it possible to take the correct follow-up steps and/or measures per case, per location, per situation.


  • Product: DECON Monitoring Unit
  • Monitoringexposure risk zones
  • Small footprintHigh Mobility
  • HighReadiness


  • Client specific
  • Fully equipped for purpose
  • Easy to transport and deploy

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