A GEMCO CBRNe decontamination unit is a fully self-supporting “wash street” for people that have been affected by chemical, biological, radioactive or nuclear exposure. The decon-unit is specially designed for hazardous material disasters when rapid response intervention is required or for urgent mass decontamination in the case of CBRN attacks or epidemics.

The unit is fully self-supporting. It is fitted out with all of necessary equipment and materials needed during this type of emergency. The system can be deployed and ready for use in less than 30 minutes by only 2 persons. Time is crucial in this type of situation. This innovative unit has been developed in cooperation with (military) specialists in treating the casualties of chemical warfare. The mass decontaminations systems have a capacity of > 65 persons/hr.

Inventive Responses
for Unwanted Scenarios

The needs – from basic to emergency – of personnel and the general public are central in our People Care Solutions. GEMCO HAZMAT vehicles and shelter systems range from something relatively simple, like a trailer based temporary canteen, cross-functional emergency response mobile command units, or fully equipped rapid response rescue ambulance/trucks, to small or large CBRNe (mass-) decontamination systems.

Departments of Defence or Military operations contribute to freedom, security and the well-being of a country. It takes professional and well-trained staff as well as well-made material to perform their tasks. They conduct combat operations and peace missions, provide humanitarian aid and lend support during disasters often under the most extreme circumstances.

GEMCO has manufactured and supplied various products for defence/military special operations, both nationally and internationally, ranging from UAV control units and military critical communication support vehicles to mobile mission control centers and command posts for or as part of combat management systems.


  • Product: Mass Decon Unit
  • Purpose: Disaster Relief / CBRN
  • Capacity: 65 PPH
  • Rapid ResponseHigh Readiness


  • HAZMAT response equipment
  • Fully self-supporting containerized systems
  • Iso containers
  • Cross-functional / cross-disciplinary use
  • All of necessary equipment and materials needed during this type of emergency
  • The system is extremely effective and very time efficient, time is crucial in this type of situation

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