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Telecom Support  –  builds

  • special vehicles or trailer based units
  • fully self-supporting
  • client- and purpose specific
  • quick and easy to deploy
  • stabilization mechanisms

GEMCO SOW’s, telecommunications trucks, are the optimum solution in many different circumstances where telecom support is required. This may be when maintenance work is being carried out on fixed masts, when disasters or accidents disrupt normal service or when (tens of) thousands of extra users are in one area, for example at a music festival. Yet, the telecom support vehicle can also be designed and deployed as a C4ISTAR- or Network Centric Operations support vehicle for critical and/or secure tactical communication purposes or as network extension. With the GEMCO telescopic mast that can reach a height of up to 30m, the vehicle can equally serve as a platform for various – “Surveillance & Reconnaissance”- sensors that require to be placed high, e.g. radar and/or observation- and/or sensor devices.

Fully self-supporting
These trucks as well as the trailer based units are fully self-supporting, equipped with their own power generating facility and client-specific on-board equipment. The special vehicles can be supplied with 2-, 4-, or 6-wheel drive. No extra equipment is required to erect the extremely sturdy and strong-wind-resistant telescopic mast. A fully equipped command room offers space to 4 people.

Exceptionally accurate height measurement
GEMCO mobile mast systems are also employed in an entirely different environment and application area: airports, serving as an exceptionally accurate height measurement system to help calibrate Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) for airplanes.

Gemco Mast Army Support - High grade aluminium telescopic antenna mast

Telecom Support product overview

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