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Mobile Workshops

 Mobile Workshop  –  builds

  • all-terrain vehicles and container systems
  • suited for severe conditions, warm and cold
  • high-quality tools and equipment
  • drivers’ safety and comfort
  • multi functions

GEMCO mobile workshops are used for assignments that range from UN mission support to Private- and Commercial- organizations’ backing and maintenance services, e.g. on construction sites for road building or other remote temporary sites. The client-specific mobile workshops are fitted with modern, lightweight yet durable equipment and tools that enable to perform repairs of all types of vehicles, communication equipment and general purpose ancillary jobs.

GEMCO mobile laboratories are used for everything from crime scene investigations and customs examinations to air & water quality measurement and environmental compliance analysis.

Expertise on exceptionally high standards

The robust, long-lasting vehicles and container systems have proved themselves time and time again. In each case, we apply our expertise in insulation, soundproofing, materials, vehicle dynamics and other relevant disciplines to meet the exceptionally high standards required.