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Command & Control

Command & Control – builds

  • Command Post vehicles or trailer based units
  • People Care Solutions
  • Observation-, Base Station, Control Center
  • Self-supporting
  • Expandable
  • Readiness

In the military, the term command and control (C2) means a process (not the systems, as often thought) that commanders, including command organizations, use to plan, direct, coordinate, and control their own and friendly forces and assets to ensure mission accomplishment (The Oxford Companion to American Military History). Or, the facilities, equipment, communications, procedures, and personnel essential to a commander for planning, directing, and controlling operations of assigned forces pursuant to the missions assigned.

Durability and reliability
In all cases, including non-military situations, the highest attainable result can only be achieved if “people and equipment” can function optimally in the given circumstances. Natural disasters, sensitive border situations, disease outbreaks or other calamities are all situations that require the utmost from “man and machine”

GEMCO supplies special vehicles and systems that can be adequate and efficient components within situations that require Command & Control. This can be a commands’ vehicle or shelter, a mobile Base Station or Observation Unit, a mast truck to support critical communication or sensor vehicle. But it can also be a personnel care unit, necessary for the well-being of the people who are part of designated missions.