CBRN/Decon units

The needs – from basic to emergency – of personnel and the general public are central in our People Care Solutions. GEMCO HAZMAT vehicles and shelter systems range from something relatively simple, like a trailer based temporary canteen, cross-functional emergency response mobile command units, or fully equipped rapid response rescue ambulance/trucks, to small or large CBRNe (mass-) decontamination systems.

Mobile masts

For a variety of scenarios requiring telecom support. Whether it's for maintenance on fixed masts, responding to disasters or accidents, or accommodating large crowds at events like music festivals, these vehicles excel in providing essential communication services. Additionally, they can be adapted for critical and secure tactical communication needs, or extending network coverage.

Why work
with Gemco

GEMCO Mobile Safety is entirely dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of special vehicles and shelters, with an emphasis on “special”.

The main areas of activity are Military, Railways, Telecom, Airports, and Civil Defense. The extensive know-how and many years of experience in special-built vehicles allow the company to provide continuously improved and innovative solutions.


All GEMCO Products are dedicated, made-to-order designs for a range of specific application areas, including defence and security. A large number of GEMCO special built vehicles and support units are already being deployed in various parts of the world by GO’s, NGO’s and Military departments, for civil, defense, national security, police as well as forensic investigation operations.

  • Endless customization
  • Family owned company
  • Concept to reality
  • One-stop-shop
  • Rapid deployment
  • Mobile transport ready
  • Worldwide experience
  • Reliable Maintenance Services
  • European made
  • Developed in Brainport region

Special needs or specifications? Contact us.

At GEMCO, we understand the inherent uniqueness of each scenario. It is our commitment to adapt our products to accommodate your distinct requirements and specifications.

Share your complex scenarios with us, and let’s embark on a journey together to develop innovative products that exceed your special needs.