GEMCO at DSEI 2023, 12-15 September, London, UK

We will see you at DSEI in LONDON, UK.

We are pleased to announce that we will be at this  biennial event that will take place from 12-15 September. The event brings the entire defence manufacturing supply chain together with the world’s key military specifiers, influencers, buyers, and end-users.

We will be there to inform you on the special vehicles and shelters/container systems we have developed and manufactured over the last few years. We produced up to 40-meter telescopic lattice mast vehicles, for C4ISTAR, Mission Critical Communication- and Security Network Support.

Our Flagship, the 45m, Unguyed Tower Vehicle, combines an ultra-stable telescopic mast with a height of 45 meters, that provides exceptional contact range with the radios.

We also supplied several all-terrain satellite vehicles and trailers to service networks and assist detection operations in the remotest areas.

We made some real “Heavy Duty” products for our very appreciated customer the Ministry of Defense. These special units are for the Dutch Explosives Ordnance Disposal. In The Netherlands called the EOD (Explosieven Opruimingsdienst Defensie).

EOD specially equipped the units to defuse all types and combinations of explosives, including CBRN-hazardous explosives.

We look forward to seeing you there, meeting you there, and give you all the latest information of our works and product.

Gemco 45m telescopic tower vehicle