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GEMCO developed the extensive specialized know-how and the ability to produce innovative solutions through the many years of dedicated  design and production of special vehicles, shelters and container systems for very high demanding specialty areas of application. We have become experts in making your product meet the many purpose-specific requirements, and combinations thereof, for distinct or cross-functional operations.

The 5 Gemco business units

GEMCO custom built vehicles and support units are deployed by GO’s and NGO’s, in the fields of military and defence for security and  safety, in the field of private, public and commercial held telecommunication sectors and at airports.

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Defence (Military)

Departments of Defence or Military operations contribute to freedom, security and the well-being of a country. It takes professional and well-trained staff as well as well-made material to perform their tasks. They conduct combat operations and peace missions, provide humanitarian aid and lend support during disasters often under the most extreme circumstances.

GEMCO has manufactured and supplied various products for defence/military special operations, both nationally and internationally, ranging from UAV control units and military critical communication support vehicles to mobile mission control centers and command posts for or as part of combat management systems.


Telecommunications form a crucial component of ‘(Critical) National (and International) Infrastructure’. It has become an essential part of governmental, commercial and social life. An interruption, failure or under-capacity in our habitual or specialized telecom networks can happen in any place and in any –expected or unexpected- situation. The cause can be technical, a natural disaster or an attack. In any case, it is especially in situations with a considerable reliance on telecommunication network that a rapid temporary restoration of communications is vital.

GEMCO Telecom Support Vehicles and trailer base units have already served and still serve various commercial network providers when maintenance work on fixed masts is being carried out, in the event(s) of serious disruptions to the normal network or when an extension of network capacity was/is required.


At airports, GEMCO mobile mast systems are employed as a highly accurate height measurement system to help calibrate Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) for airplanes.

GEMCO may count the Dutch air traffic control (LVNL) among its valued customers.

Security (Civil Defence)

Civil defence, civil protection or homeland security, are basically different terms that nations use for essentially the same exercise: protect citizens and country.

Civil protection measures are intended to cope with immediate emergencies, in crisis situations, to protect the public from attacks,  or for people evacuation but also to restore vital services and facilities that have been destroyed or damaged by a disaster. The interventions can be very different in nature and vary from small to large operations.

Safety (Civil Defence)

Safety is a word we associate with the protection of people, organizations, properties and countries against external threats that are likely to cause harm.

GEMCO has developed a range of special vehicles and shelters that enable safety (and security) organs, including the military, police, fire-brigade or groups of volunteers to undertake and carry out their serious tasks and missions.

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