The GEMCO product development process

We can boast a long-standing and broad experience in the production of special vehicles. It allows us to think along with you, while carrying out everything from concept and design to development, manufacturing, testing, after-sales support and training. Everything under one roof.

This way we can maintain quality, ensure timely delivery and guarantee reliability. It also means we can feed the insights we generate in the field back into our development processes, so the solutions we provide really do meet your requirements.

Concept & Design

In close cooperation with our clients we establish the technical equipment specification, concept and customized design to meet your requirements

Projectmanagement & Engineering

After concept engineering and prior to production, detailed -mechanical and electrical- engineering decisions must be taken. Our dedicated engineering teams and specialists in vehicle dynamics then focus on the product specific aspects that require attention before proceeding to production, always in close cooperation with our clients.

Production & Assembly

Adjacent to the office we have a > 2000m2 well-equipped production/assembly hall. GEMCO is located in and forms part of the heart of the automotive industry and technical developments in the Netherlands and cooperates with other specialized companies.

Testing & Commissioning

GEMCO vehicles and systems often require a high level of readiness. For the urgent and precise missions and assignments for which they are intended, correct handling and reliability of the material is as crucial as the nature of the mission.

All products and their functions undergo thorough testing, followed by approval before being released to our clients.

Training & After Sales Service

“Readiness” of the material requires regular maintenance and inspection and testing of all functions of the vehicle and its equipment. It requires availability and manufacturability of the parts.

Actually, “readiness” is required from both the product and the user. GEMCO therefore provides adequate training in the optimal, efficient and safe use of the material.

Proactive and entirely according to your wishes we make proposals for:
• Preventive maintenance and / or corrective maintenance
• Performing updates
• Safety inspections