Site on Wheels – trailer – 20m and 30m masts

Communication support vehicle

Purposes: Telecom Support
Capacity: 20-30 m mast heights

This special vehicle was developed for temporary supporting wireless networks such as TETRA or GSM
This can be during large scale events, disaster areas or the maintenance of sites.

  • the vehicle is equipped with a torsion resistant superstructure
  • that is divided into two main sections:
    •  the generator section and
    •  the network equipment section
  • the unit is fully self-supporting and
  • can be equipped with extra large capacity fuel tanks
  • that will enable the generator to work for several days
  • Many options available please ask for details


  • lightweight construction mast
  • quick to erect in less then 45 minutes
  • no extra equipment required
  • resistant to extreme wind forces
  • mast heights from 20m up to 30m

Wheel drive trailer basis

  • 2-wheel
  • 4-wheel
  • 6-wheel

C. van Gemert

Technical data


Weight rating: 15 t (GVW)
Wheelbase: 3.915 mm
No. of wheels: 4+1
Tires: 14.00R20
Drive: 4 x 2 / 4 x 4 / 6 x 4 / 6 x 6

Main dimensions vehicle

Length: 7.750 mm
Width: 2.550 mm
Height: 4.050 mm

Dimensions body

Length: 5.100 mm
Width: 2.550 mm
Height: 2.050 mm
Door (WxH): 1.000 x 1.950 mm


  • Full steel body in sheet pile construction specially designed for this purpose.
  • The body is isolated especially for use in tropic as well as artic environments.

Air conditioner

Type: Split
Cooling power: 7,6 kW
Heating power: 7,3 kW
Environment: -15o ~ +50o
Voltage: 230V


Power: 15 KVA
Phase: 3
Voltage: 400/230 V
Fuel tank: 1000L

Telescopic Antenna Mast

Material: High grade Aluminium
Height available: 20m and 30m
Wind load area: 2,5 m2 (standard)
Vertical top-load: 300 KG
Rotation top <1o: 38 m/s
Max.wind speed: 45 m/s (limit)
Mast erection: Automatic


  • VSAT system with 1.8m or 2.4m reflector
  • MW dish rotators (remote controlled)
  • 230VAC / 48VDC electrical systems
  • 48VDC battery back-up systems
  • 30KVA generator
  • GPS System / Vehicle Tracking System
  • Panel Antenna brackets
  • Remote CCTV systems
  • Remote Fire / Smoke Alarm systems
  • 4×4 drive for Desert purposes
  • 6×6 drive for Remote areas